Should a £330 ‘phone be taken into school?

Posted in Valuables in school at 9:00 pm by henrysgauntlet

This week’s local newspaper prints a piece about a fourteen-year-old girl who lost her mobile ‘phone in the changing room at school.   The mother is appealing for whoever took it, said to be another girl in the changing room, to return it for sentimental reasons because of the pictures on it and because it was a Christmas present.  Naturally, I’m sorry she has lost it.

First of all, though, it is generally accepted that children shouldn’t take valuable things into school because of the risk of losing them, and this ‘phone certainly came into that category as it is said to be worth £330.   Some schools have rules which ban them for just that reason.

Then, what a lucky girl to be given a Christmas present worth so much.

And didn’t the girl’s mother think it was unwise to permit her to take such a valuable ‘phone with her?   If it were necessary for her to have a ‘phone with her for contact reasons, surely a £50 job would have been better.


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