Parking “improvements” are so good no-one can park any more!

Posted in Parking at 5:22 pm by henrysgauntlet

Sometimes, when all I want is a pint of milk or a pack of tomatos, I go to the Tesco Extra in Stifford Clays.

Nearby residents had told me about the recent changes to the parking arrangements outside the shops in Crammavill Street, and how it was now almost impossible to find a parking spot.

Last week I had the privilege of this experience myself.   Went to Crammavill Street, established with some difficulty, (see below), that there was no vacant space, so circled the block four times.   Still no space, so gave up and drove over to Chadwell St Mary to the Tesco Extra at the filling station in Brentwood Road.   Why?

For reasons best known to themselves, the powers that be decided that the previous, nose-in, straight 90 degree parking places should be replaced with diagonal spaces.   Probably it was done as someone thought it was safer for driving in and out, leaving and re-joining the main carriageway.   As well as being diagonal, they are much wider than before.   Result  –  far fewer parking spaces, and to make matters worse the disabled spaces seem to have disappeared.

Because of their width, and their angle, it is very difficult to see whether an apparent space is a vacant spot or just the wide space between each car, (sadly not wide enough to park another one).   So drivers are cruising up and down, looking for a spot, thinking they’ve found one, and then seeing they were mistaken  –  all very dangerous.  

Frustrated drivers are parking on the pavements, and right on corners of side roads, at either end of the designated parking bays.

So a local authority, trying at national government behest, to cut carbon emissions and discourage driving, is in fact causing me and hundreds of others like me to drive round and round the block, using petrol and expelling exhaust fumes, and then, in my case, taking the decision to drive further to Chadwell and back so I can get a tiny bit of shopping.

Put the spaces back how they were before, when they worked perfectly well.

By the way,  just to discourage anyone from commenting that I should walk to Crammavill Street, I consider I live too far away for that.   It would be a long walk, and, in any event, I don’t want to and nobody is going to make me walk! 


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  1. Peter Grattton said,

    Who took the decision ? Thurrock Council ! Is this partly why Hipsey is so worried about being ousted as Leader of the Council and as Tory group leader ?

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