Mind your language Mr Sub Editor

Posted in Education, Life, News at 10:02 pm by henrysgauntlet

Was it really necessary for today’s Thurrock Gazette to print its front page main headline as it did?

The story was about two men finding a WWII hand grenade in the front garden of a house in Stanford-le-Hope.   What one of them said when he found it is understandable.   He was obviously shocked.   But did the Gazette need to repeat it in full?   “It looks like a b******* hand grenade!”

The word itself is not particularly bad, and most of us use it from time to time.  

But this newspaper is delivered free of charge to the great majority of households in Thurrock;  to houses where there are young children.  

How can we expect children to speak their own language correctly, and how can we teach them not to swear in public, when headlines like this appear in the main local newspaper.

It’s bad enough when one hears mothers dragging naughty children round supermarkets, addressing them at the top of their voice to “stop f****** doing that”.  Those children learn that this way of speaking is the norm.  

It’s much worse when a respectable newspaper puts language like this into print. 


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