Bulphan and the Fancy

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Bulphan has always seemed slightly isolated from the rest of Thurrock.   It lies only just south of the A127 on the old flood plain of the Mardyke and has traditionally been more closely associated with Brentwood than with Grays.

But its location had its advantages too, especially to boxing promoters in the early nineteenth century.   Bulphan was the site for the match between Harry Jones, the Sailor Boy, and Bob Simmonds, the Sweep, in April, 1827.   The contest involved not just the purse but a side bet of £25 between the two men.

Sadly, it does not appear to have been much of a fight.   After seventeen rounds in thirty five minutes, Harry Jones “did not shew a scratch” and his opponent gave up admitting he was outclassed.   Fortunately, there was no report of any trouble afterwards.   The ‘fancy’ were satisfied and Bulphan had its niche in early nineteenth-century sporting history.

Author  –  Christopher Thompson


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