A Tour Around Essex

Posted in Quiz at 6:37 pm by henrysgauntlet

Why not try this Quiz about Essex?   The following are cryptic clues, and all of them relate to places in the County of Essex.   See if you can work out what the 16 places are.

1.  A chilly old British motorcycle

2.  A genius on botany

3.  A coalmine in front of the ocean

4.  These fish-eating birds have their own entrance

5.  A large plant following the rubbish dump

6.  Some great fights before crossing place

7.  Would you give this herb to the Godfather?

8.  European country on water

9.  Could be a cube for flavouring a stew

10. Cleaning implement for the meadow

11. Must be the timber for the ship’s kitchen

12. You’d wear this with an identical pocket handkerchief

13. A finely tuned engine will do this

14. Take an old-named biro and add a measure of land

15. You could be doing this “on the river”

16. A fisherman’s friend to the last


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