Was Hipsey ever a Conservative?

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So Terry Hipsey has resigned as Leader of the Conservative Group on Thurrock Council, and thereby Leader of the Council.   Apparently he has fallen out with the Conservative Group.   Well, the last fifty years have proved it’s not difficult to do that.

Not, of course, that he has resigned as a Councillor.   No,  he’s joined the Labour Group and appears to be a fervent recruit.   He’s now busy rubbishing all the policies that he thought up as Leader and compelled the Conservative Group to support.

Terry Hipsey only came to prominence when the Tories took control of Thurrock Council.   He says himself that he has only been a member of the Conservative Party for six years.   And that’s the trouble.   Many of the Conservative Group can only trace their membership of the Party back to that time.   They still have little experience of politics either in the national party or in Thurrock.   They have no Conservative background.

They don’t know, or perhaps don’t care, that when it gets tough you hang on in there and fight what you don’t like from the inside.   Loyalty should be everything.   If you are not loyal to your fellow group members, what chance that you will stick by the electorate.

Make no mistake;  the Labour Party are no better.   They, too, have a record of deselecting long-serving and loyal councillors, often so that one of the chosen can take a so-called safe seat instead.

Given a choice between the two, I’d still rather have the Conservatives any day.   But what Terry Hipsey has done makes you wonder whether he was ever a true Conservative.

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  1. Agnes Horner said,

    Be fair. Think of the pleasure Mike and Diane Revell got from Hipsey’s resignation. Mike could hardly contain himself when the Conservative group of Councillors met that evening.

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