The masts have to be somewhere

Posted in Mobile 'phones, Planning permission at 4:39 pm by henrysgauntlet

So it seems the residents of Lodge Lane, Grays, who were protesting about a planning application for a mobile ‘phone mast  at the Spinney, are to get their wish.   When they started the protest, the Council had yet to consider the application, and now it has, and the application has been rejected.

That’s fine.   I’m sure the residents are delighted.

There is just one thing.   I wonder how many of the residents use mobile ‘phones?   I suspect almost all of them, and probably their children too, since these days it seems that little tots stop suckling at their mother’s breast and clamp a mobile to their ear instead.

And if the mobiles are to work, there need to be masts to transmit the signals;  and the masts need to be located somewhere.


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