Councillor tries to make Development Corporation more accountable

Posted in Planning permission, Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation at 8:45 pm by henrysgauntlet

Good to learn that the Council thinks the Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation should be more accountable.

Tory Councillor, Rob Gledhill, who has a fine record of fighting for the community even before he became a Councillor, put forward a motion at a recent Council meeting calling on the Corporation to hold all planning meetings in a location and at a time more accessible to the local community.   The motion won cross party support.   And so it should as this unelected body is seeking to bring about changes in our borough which will be with us for many years.  To hold planning meetings in a place with few transport links, and during the working day, only adds to this unaccountability since local residents are unable to make representations.

There is a wider point though.   I’m sorry to repeat myself so often.   But nobody asked us if we wanted to have an unelected development corporation taking control of us.  I certainly didn’t want it.   And shame on the Labour government for appointing it.   Thurrock is quite big enough now.   We don’t want further expansion.


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