Of concrete blocks and demolished schools

Posted in Law 'n order, News at 7:23 pm by henrysgauntlet

I see Essex Police have said that anyone throwing  concrete blocks from bridges on to roads will be charged with attempted murder.   Well, trying hard not to say “you’ll have to catch them first”, good on them.   Anything thrown down from bridges towards car drivers is likely to cause an accident, either the shock when it lands on the bonnet, roof or windscreen, or a swerve when trying to avoid it.   The action is dangerous, stupid and deserves to be punished.

Meanwhile I learn that the old St Chad’s secondary school at Tilbury caught fire  –  suspected arson  –  whilst it was being demolished.   Could that be a former pupil determined to express his/her opinion of a hated place?



  1. Christopher Thompson said,

    Guess who is up on the History News Network’s blogroll? And who is not?

  2. henrysgauntlet said,

    Found it – phew, that took some doing! Commiserations to EMH, but we know that his work lies behind Henry’s promotion.

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