Villagers do their bit but it’s a bit too much for the Council

Posted in Litter, Thurrock Council, Volunteers at 4:27 pm by henrysgauntlet

“Sofa and no farther” that is the headline in today’s Times.

It seems the villagers of attractive North Stifford decided to do their bit for the environment and their own surroundings by clearing up litter.   If the sides of the nearby A13 are anything to go by, there would be plenty to clear up.  

They obtained bags from the Council to use for their voluntary effort, and a Council lorry came to pick up the results.   In three hours work they had gathered up 43 bags of rubbish and an old sofa to be taken away.   And that’s when Thurrock Council informed them that their efforts were excessive and should be curbed.  According to an e-mail from the council the results of the clean up were excessive and filled up the bin men’s lorry so much that they couldn’t then go on and do their normal round.

The story has also been noticed by the Nanny Knows Best blog, which highlights ridiculous political correctness and similar matters, and has given Thurrock Council its “Prats of the Week” award for this week.  
It seems Thurrock Council has now apologised, and claims the email was sent in error.   I wonder why.   Perhaps they don’t like us all calling them Prats of the Week for their treatment of  keen volunteers;  or perhaps they were just getting too many calls from the national press!


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