Please, Henry, how do I deactivate my wheelie bin?

Posted in Refuse collection, Wheelie Bins at 7:34 pm by henrysgauntlet

Way back last August, a post was published on this website called “Don’t put your chips in my bin” about the fact that Thurrock Council’s new wheelie bins have electronic chips installed on them.

Big Brother Watch has announced today that 68 local authorities in Britain and Northern Ireland have installed microchips in the rubbish bins of 2.6 million households.   Last March the figure was 42 local authorities, so that’s a 62% increase in twelve months.   Read the full article here

So guess what, this website has today received a large number of hits from people whose question to their search engine was “How do I disable or deactivate wheelie bin microchips?”

Pretty clear what the public thinks about it all then.



  1. Barry said,

    Great, so how do you disable them? where are they in the lid?

  2. wheelie bins said,

    I would suggest a metal detector a wire detector might work too, then a soldering iron through the plastic into the chip should sort it straight out.

    Not that i would advocate this but very easy to detect and deacticate

  3. Dave said,

    I found the “world tag” transponder on the left hand side (as you look at it) under the lip of the bin. It was hidden in black circular container. Does anyone know what might happen if I were to attach a pair of magnets to it. If nothing I might go down the street on bin night and swap a load over, that’ll give ’em some data to analyze.

  4. Dave said,

    Just read that you can’t demagnetise the buggers but you can microwave them, but please be careful!!!

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