Anti-social behaviour, no it’s crime

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Henry is not always in agreement with the pieces written by Michael Casey in his Your Thurrock website, but he is spot on with this one, which asks when and how crimes came to be rebranded as anti-social behaviour.

Henry particularly liked this quote:-

“What the bottom line should be is that the police and associated agencies still use as their mantra the reason Robert Peel started the modern police force back in 1829.  Peel coined the phrase “The maintenance of public tranquillity”.”

As Mr Casey says, statistics are being used by the powers that be in an attempt to lull the public into feeling that crime has been considerably reduced.    Whereas we residents, (not just in Thurrock but across the country), use our eyes and ears to register what is going on around us;  to read in local newspapers and on websites of the string of crimes being committed: assaults, rapes, car jacking, house breaking, and more;  to notice that people are frightened to walk the streets after dark, even where there are street lamps;  and to watch people crossing the road to avoid groups of men, or young people of both sexes, who are, rightly or wrongly, perceived as a potential danger.

Henry agrees with Mr Casey that the police are not to blame, or at least not the only culprits.   They are indeed the victims of the terrible tick box culture, where they are required to hit constant targets.   Henry has often wondered about, for example, targets for the number of arrests.   If that nirvana were ever reached where there is no crime, how could they fulfil their targets.   Even now, we all believe that the police give less attention to difficult crimes like burglary because it is so much easier to fulfil the arrest target by persecuting the poor motorist.   After all he is easy to identify by his vehicle registration, and in recent years myriad new offences have been created to attack those who have the temerity to drive their own vehicles.

So, as Mr Casey and Henry believe, let’s ditch the blurred and vague anti-social behaviour and get back to calling it what it is, crime.                



  1. Michael Casey said,

    Hello Henry,

    The on-line newspaper is called http://www.yourthurrock.com and not About Thurrock.

  2. henrysgauntlet said,

    Thank you, Michael. Henry is very sorry at getting the name wrong. He will try to do better in future.

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