A host of golden daffodils – not if these people nick them

Posted in Crime, Life at 9:11 pm by henrysgauntlet

As I drove through the Avenues area of North Grays today I thought how lovely the gardens looked.   Spring bulbs in full bloom, and above them, magnolias and cherry blossom.

After that, on the way back from Chadwell St Mary, I saw two cars pulled up in the layby at the big roundabout near Palmer’s College.   Two women and several children were milling around.   At first I thought they were feeding or just admiring a number of horses in the adjoining field.

Then I saw what they were actually doing.   All of them were holding large bunches of daffodils.   There is a considerable area of grass between the field and the layby, and at the moment it has swathes of daffodils nodding in the wind.   And these people had taken it upon themselves to pick them.   I don’t suppose they intended selling them.   They were probably for their own homes.   They just thought they would take them for free rather than grow their own or buy flowers at a shop.

But that isn’t right.   The flowers are on public property, presumably supplied and planted by the Council.   Being public, does not mean people can cut them and take them away for their own use.   That denies the rest of the residents the pleasure of seeing such a splendid sight.   And the women are setting a shocking example to the children in letting them think they can just take whatever they want, whether from private owners or from publicly owned sites.


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