Manhole madness

Posted in Crime at 2:55 pm by henrysgauntlet

There seems to be an epidemic of manhole theft going on.   Strange, but apparently the metal is worth selling for scrap.

59 covers have just been stolen in the Maldon area, some of them from quiet villages.

What a shame it is that those who perpetrate these crimes  –  because that’s what they are  –  never think about the consequences.

A car hits one of these spots, may end up grounded in the hole as manholes are quite large, or could bounce and shoot across into an oncoming vehicle.   At the very least might burst a tyre or damage the springs.   Motor cyclists and cyclists could be thrown off their machines.   Pedestrians trip and injure themselves, or fall down the hole.   So could cats and dogs.

Not just property crime, but very dangerous.



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