Election news from a quiet target seat

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The western half of Thurrock, the bit in the Thurrock parliamentary constituency, is a seething maelstrom of electoral inactivity.   It is a Labour/Conservative target seat, and I was told this morning that the Conservatives must win it to have any chance………

Yes, I know, I could get out there and campaign for somebody, but after all Henry’s getting on a bit, and his armour is rusty.

The Thurrock Gazette is doing its bit, and should feel proud of itself.   It has been publishing regular photographs of the Labour candidate for at least a year, before ever he was selected.   That’s the beauty of being a local councillor.   There is an excuse for the Gazette to publicise you.

Yesterday something very strange happened.   Henry was canvassed by the Conservative candidate.   There was a knock on the portcullis of his castle, and there she stood.   That’s the first time for many years, possibly ever, that this castle has been canvassed by the Conservatives.

Several bits of red paper have arrived by hand delivery from Labour, and the Conservatives are the first off the block with the freepost election address which arrived several days ago.   No communications from anyone else.

So now Henry awaits the Whigs, (he means the Liberals who are not a shiny new untried party, but have actually been around for as long as the Tories), the BNP and UKIP.



  1. Christopher Thompson said,

    Henry “getting on a bit”? Steady on. I used to be considerably older than Henry although I am now younger. My armour is not at all rusty. I am up for the fight to get rid of Labour as soon as possible. No one can seriously suppose that Clegg is the answer to the question Britain is being asked. Stand by for Conservative gains all over the place.

  2. henrysgauntlet said,

    The Pickles has been in Grays this afternoon, but haven’t heard what happened yet.

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