Full marks for a job done quickly and well

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Henry had planned to go to the Oyster Fayre in Colchester on Sunday, but, as bad weather was forecast, decided to go on Saturday instead.   Just as well as it turned out.

At about 1.15pm, the telephone rang.   A female voice said, “This is the emergency alarms service at Thurrock Council.”   It turned out that an elderly friend had fallen over in the house, and Henry was contacted as a keyholder.  

Henry reached the house in about ten minutes.   It was clear that the ambulance service would be needed, as his friend was sprawled on the floor just inside the front door, with cuts and abrasions on the face, (quite a lot of blood dripping down), and hands.   He asked for help to get up.   Henry couldn’t have moved him because he was a dead weight, and, anyway, it is better to leave him in case any bones are broken.

Henry dialled 999, and asked for the ambulance service.   A very pleasant, helpful lady came on the line, and talked through the situation, whilst assuring that the ambulance had already been alerted.   She said to leave him as he was, reassure him, and have all his medications ready to show the paramedics.   She ended by saying the ambulance was on its way.

A couple of minutes later, a lady from the Council’s service arrived, just to check that everything was OK.   She waited until the ambulance arrived, which was in under ten minutes.

The paramedics examined Henry’s friend carefully, and decreed there were no broken bones.   They cleaned and dressed the cuts, and checked everything, including blood pressure, and sugar levels.   They then helped him up, and got him into his armchair in the sitting room.   They were so confident, friendly and reassuring to him.   They said he did not need to go to hospital unless he wanted to  –  he certainly didn’t.   They left a paper giving details of what they had done, and emphasized that we were to call 999 again if there were any recurrence.

Henry’s friend was very white and shaken, but a good cup of tea and a visit from a neighbour helped, and soon his colour came back.

Not what Henry had planned to do on that Sunday afternoon, but  –

Full marks and all credit to Thurrock Council’s emergency alarm system staff and to the Ambulance Service paramedics for a quick response and a job very well done.


Another great new idea from Essex

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Essex County Council continues to show itself to be a most innovative institution. 

Its latest project is designed both to help young people towards a qualification which will lead to a career path with potential high earnings, and also to help preserve an industry with an ageing workforce, which could lead to its dying out.

The project is the setting up of engineering apprenticeships, in partnership with three Colleges:  Harlow, the Colchester Institute and the Basildon Campus of South Essex College.   There is more about the project here, including an article in today’s Guardian.

Well done to Essex for another great idea.