Another great new idea from Essex

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Essex County Council continues to show itself to be a most innovative institution. 

Its latest project is designed both to help young people towards a qualification which will lead to a career path with potential high earnings, and also to help preserve an industry with an ageing workforce, which could lead to its dying out.

The project is the setting up of engineering apprenticeships, in partnership with three Colleges:  Harlow, the Colchester Institute and the Basildon Campus of South Essex College.   There is more about the project here, including an article in today’s Guardian.

Well done to Essex for another great idea.



Ford investment helps Essex jobs

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Good news today that Ford are planning new investment at the research centre in Dunton and the Dagenham factory.

Across the country £1.5 billion will be invested at four sites, which together will safeguard about 2,800 skilled jobs.   Many of those jobs will be at the two Essex sites  –  if Henry may be allowed to include Metropolitan Essex in the county  –  giving some peace of mind to the many Thurrock residents who work there.  And perhaps some extra jobs which will help our unemployed.