RIP – Geoff Percival

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Henry was very sad to hear today of the death of Geoff Percival.

Geoff was the political reporter of the Evening Echo, the daily paper covering Southend and south Essex, and part of the same group as the Thurrock Gazette.

Chris Hatton (Evening Echo) has kindly let Geoff’s friends know that he died in the early hours of this morning, following a short but dignified battle against lung cancer.

Geoff was unique  –  a legend in his own lifetime.  He had his own style of political reporting, and could truly be described as of the old school of newspapermen.

He was pretty unique in another way too  –  he was a Conservative, and there are not too many of those in journalism.   His roots went back into the good old days of Young Conservatism in Essex and the Eastern Area.

Henry recalls once inviting Geoff to speak at a political supper club on the western side of Essex.   It was quite clear Geoff was enjoying himself, and he gave the audience a good evening’s entertainment, beaming at them from his heavy spectacles.   When the time came to go home, he was, perhaps, a little the worse for wear.   So Henry drove him through the night to Wickham Bishops, giving rise to another hour of political anecdotes.

Geoff Percival will be much missed in Essex, and by his old friend, Henry.